how to install google chrome in fedora 15?

i want to install google chrome in fedora 15.
It seems not as easy as we do in windows.
Kindly help me
thanks in advance

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Sorunome3 years ago
Why not upgrade your fedora to the latest version, fedora 20?
And then you could use this: http://www.if-not-true-then-false.com/2010/install-google-chrome-with-yum-on-fedora-red-hat-rhel/
Use chromium,it is the open source version of Chrome
MrRedBeard3 years ago
I've always used chromium on linux. Try this https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Chromium
Have you followed the directions from Chrome?


Pelep3 years ago
"It seems not as easy as we do in windows".

No, it's not "as easy".
It's different !
Some people even think is easiest ... and more fast ... and more secure.
Think different !
Pelep3 years ago
or there :

Pelep3 years ago
You can found some explanations here :

You'll have to enter three lines in a terminal to :
- add repository
- download the package
- install the package
- enjoy !

Anyway, Fedora 15 is already 2 years old.
If you can upgrade to version 20, it will be better !