how to keep water warmin winter? (-20)?

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lemonie7 years ago
Store it in your bladder.

tazerl494 (author) 7 years ago
1.I need to keep it at the same temp as hot tea
2. -20c
3. one bottel, but just wonder how to keep 1 gall as well
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  42
.  How much water? A pint; a gallon; a firkin?
.  How warm is warm? Body temp; just below boiling?
.  How long do you need to keep it warm?
.  What power source(s) do you have available?
.  Is that -20ºF or -20ºC?
Enquiring minds want to know!
rickharris7 years ago
How warm? Either you need to provide energy to the water in some form or you need to heat up the water and then insulate it to prevent heat loss

The most effective way to do that is a thermos flask.

+1. Nothing (in my experience) beats a thermos for maintaining temperature of heated liquids without injecting outside power. So like packing your cooler with frozen foods in the summer months when you go car camping to save on ice costs, packing a thermos with hot water during the winter is a great way to keep it from freezing...(if you want cold water once you're wherever it is you're going, just pour some in a cup and let it cool) for a while anyway. eventually even the thermos gives way to nature
Re-design7 years ago
Keep a bottle or two under your coat.