how to know if a battery is charging?

i want to know if my lead acidic battery is charging.can i use a volt meter to know that ?and how?

kelseymh7 years ago
You can use a voltmeter at the same time that you're charging the battery (though most real lead-acid chargers have a voltmeter built in). You should see the reported voltage slowly increase as the charging occurs.

You can also use an ammeter in series with the charger. You should see positive current flow into the battery if the charger is doing its job, and the battery isn't hosed.
seandogue7 years ago
A battery is charging only if it is accepting current.

Therefore, the correct test is to use an ammeter in series with the positive charging lead. A voltmeter connected across the battery terminals verifies that the correct potential is applied
If the charger you are using isn't a smart charger then you can use a voltmeter and touch it to both of the leads to the charger.