how to load a program into a chip?

i am willing to know about how to load a program into a chip

Slowpoke7 years ago
What type of chip?!!!!! 
A bit (no pun intended) more information would be good.
I've noticed lately, that there have been a few questions relating to programming or erasing chips. Please note, if you have an inquiry about chips (intergrated circuits), please state what the damn thing is!!!

There are many people here that can help, assumming that you state what the thing is!

Sorry, but this is getting very frustrating.
Yes it's getting worse, I think more people are finding this place...
What does the "air" tag mean?

1) Go to the pub and purchase some chips (fish is optional, but recommended. Halibut and snapper are both nice)
2) Eat all but one of the chips
3) Get a USB thumb drive and stuff in to the remaining chip, taking care to keep grease and bits of potato out of the USB connector
4) Plug the chip-drive into your computer
5) Copy your program into the chip
6) Do not eat the chip. I cannot stress the importance of this step enough.
lemonie7 years ago
Which ones?