how to improve a RC JETCAT speed or power?

help me any body plezz

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lemonie8 years ago
Very difficult, it requires precision-engineered parts. People tend to start with a gas turbine such as a turbocharger and modify it's function.
such as this one

. Yes, you need to MAKE precision engineered parts - the compressor turbine is particularly nasty, but there are self-build books and plenty of websites. There is even a gas turbine builders association. You don't need to use a turbocharger - and I can't see you getting one of those to fly anyhow ! Steve
The turbines are the tough ones, which is why people tend to use turbochargers (cheap and easy to find). Although I'm inclined to agree with your doubts on getting enough power to weight for flight, early aero engines did use similar compressor-wheels, but the hot ends were different.

I nearly bought a working model jet engine in the UK for around 600 USD, purely for the sheer wonderful noise these little (10N) thrust engines make. About twice the diameter of a soda can - and about as long. Amazing little thing. ;-) Steve
I live in the UK too - can you give more detail on the engine (interested) L
The engine is lost, because the model shop shut down. I have some reference books on building one - Tom Kahns (?????) I think. I can't check at the moment - I'm working in Thailand until Friday. Steve
Hope you have a comfortable journey. L