how to make a air powered short shot and stop air just passing by after the munition left the barrel?

i've got a question,i want to make a air pressured gun, but i wont make one that just lets you build up much pressure, and then in one single shot get's empty. i want to make it like a paintball gun, so you can shoot more than one time with the same pressure tank. i found this : that must axplain a bit how a paintball gun works. but i still don't get it. and i also found this:, so want to maybe combine those ideas, like make something in front of the nut of the explosive air-realese valve. that does the same thing as the paintball gun. something that knocks the valve back one time and then reloads itself. i don't have a clue how to do something like that, that's why i ask it.
thanks for your time!

Toga_Dan12 months ago

I've made somethin like that. Maybe I'll get around to making an 'ible about it.

frollard8 years ago

This gun can shoot 'like' a paintball gun, semi or full auto - if your air supply can handle it :D

it has 2 storage chambers. one for firing, the other to replenish the firing chamber. The firing chamber fires, but seals from the storage chamber while it repeats - then it springloads back to sealing the barrel and opening the storage chamber, repeat.
rikels (author)  frollard8 years ago
thanks for your answer, i will try it out, but it looks very hard to make. i can't realy get how he made it.. :(
frollard rikels8 years ago
the design isn't very specific, but read around that site, theres a lot of good information.