how to make a blue laser?

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cool face7 years ago
you cant because unless you are a chem engineer and a bunch of other stuff it is near impossible for some kid working out of his bedroom(like me) but what you can do is get a violet laser from a blu-ray diode and those are everywhere with a right price as well as in any blue-ray player so have fun and dont set your carpet on fire trying to focus the laser(like me).
combine a green and yellow one
lol it would be like 5x more expensive that way
You could buy a blue laser pointer and modify it.
CameronSS8 years ago
You cannot literally "make" a blue laser at home, unless you have madd skilz and madd workshop facilitiez. You will need to purchase a gallium nitride laser, which has an output wavelength of about 405nm (a typical red laser is at about 630nm). This is more of a blue-violet, but it's as close to blue as you are likely to get. These are the lasers used in BluRay drives, so if you find a scrapped PS3, that's a good place to look. You can also purchase the laser diodes all over the Internet, a bit of searching should help you find one for sale.

You can get more information on how to use the diodes here and here.