how to make a burning laser but i don t have knowledge ?

i make an own homemade burnig laser to i laser the cocroach to avoid a laser and to produce a fire
and discover the laser gun

Picture of how to make a burning laser but i don t have knowledge ?
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Waren-Neutron (author) 7 years ago
i have a clue , find in youtube. thats all
Wow, you solved your own answer! A pat on the back for you!
Waren-Neutron (author)  dombeef6 years ago
for that reason ,i make this question!
ahh... what is the importance of making this question if i dont know! ?
Waren-Neutron (author)  dombeef6 years ago
because i like to watch it on youtube,understand!
and i'am lazy to find that on youtube.
buy laser cost 15 pesos and get the guides in internet
Waren-Neutron (author)  adornakimpura6 years ago
why 15 PESOS ?
warengadia7 years ago
just a burning laser.
kelseymh7 years ago
Make fire by banging the rocks together. Make clothes out of leaves or animal skins. Once you learn to speak, form small social groups. Wait a few thousand years, then work on lasers.

Heh, lacks knowledge... What were the immortal words of Ace of Base?

"Life is demanding without understanding."
Waren-Neutron (author)  Jack A Lopez6 years ago
i mean i can't make a burning laser!

lower understanding!
frollard7 years ago
If you lack knowledge, then it's time to learn about lasers and electronics before attempting any 'high power' modifications. Don't look into the laser with remaining eye.