how to make a car?

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johnnywgk8 years ago
i think someone's bored
barrax8 years ago
also use lots of Green connectors at all angles on the bonnet, and anywhere that needs a smooth corner.
110100101108 years ago
make a 2 layer rectangle box for stable construction add axels and wheels (so that axels can spin but wheels are fixed to axels) add a motor / rubberband / whatever you want to drive the car optional - add some coating to the wheels so they are more round and drive easier add everything else with whatever pieces youd like
Buy or build each of the following: Wheels, axels, tires, chasis, seat, steering mechanism, motor, mirrors, signal lights, headlamps, seatbelts, and a speedometer. Brakes, a body, airbags, etc are optional. Assemble. It's a big topic, please be moe specific.
Notice that Jack999 has categorized this in Knex. I don't think he means a real car.