how to make a cheap skateboard?

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PyroTeen2137 years ago
toogers8 years ago
wheels from a funiture dolly. peice of wood (dosn't splinter) with ends curved up. . . . .BAM!!! instant skateboard. paint it if you want.
From my experience its cheaper and safer to buy a used one.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Find someone throwing out a pair of roller skates. Detach from the shoe/boot upper part. Screw it on the bottom of a piece of scrap wood. Go crazy. That's how we did it in our day. Good luck.
Agreed...Skate wheels are tricky to ride on though. Probably could buy a skateboard cheap enough to negate making one.
cosgrove8 years ago
Castors, From Sofas or other Furniture

And Wood

And Power Tools