how to make a fire extinguisher air gun?

the materials u need 

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Yonatan245 months ago

Not sure that's smart. It might have something else other than CO2 which = death in a closed space.


deluges Yonatan245 months ago

Because fire. extinguisher. gun.

duh :)

Duh yourself:
1. If you need to ask it means you lack the skills.
2. Not really the smartest way to kill time if you ask me.
3. Do you have any clue how to work with extreme pressures, control them and keep it safe?

There are things to consider like expansion chambers, valves, connections and a lot more.
No offence but even with my level of expertise I would always opt for an air rifle from a good shop before even attemting to build one with a fire extinguisher...

deluges Yonatan245 months ago

CO2 = death in a confined space too btw ^^

rickharris5 months ago