how to make a fish tank?

what is the standard size for the fish tank glass that sold in the market. how to cut the glass into pieces. how to glue them up. calculation for the require strenght of glass if posible.

alexander.m8 years ago
I don't recommend making a fish tank, you could make a dry terrarium because it has a lot less stress. A 10 gallons fish tank weighs close to 100 lb when full, this mass would destroy a tank made of anything weaker then one made of tempered glass witch cant be cut after tempering, and a cast iron frame on the top and bottom.
why dont you make one from acyrllic. it would be easy to cut and you could glue it easily!!!
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Everything you need to know can be found on the Web. It's fairly easy to do, but expect to have a few failures before you get the hang of it. . Unless you plan on making more than 2-3 tanks, NikonDork makes a very good point. By the time you buy tools and have a few mistakes, buying them is cheaper.
NikonDork8 years ago
Honestly, unless your going big, or need something more then a hollow glass rectangle, your better off buying one from the pet store. I'm not sure about the side walls, but the bottom of 25gal and larger is tempered glass.