how to make a lcd projector ? and i need a power full led to project and want to make as small as mobile size?

PKM7 years ago
You can make an LCD projector with an old LCD monitor, an overhead projector and a light source (or just a fresnel lens and a focusing lens, available online with a quick search).

LEDs with enough power to light an LCD projector are expensive- think hundreds of dollars.  Metal halide lamps are much cheaper, and easier to work with, but bulkier.

Making an LCD projector the size of a commercial one is going to be incredibly fiddly, difficult, and potentially more expensive than just buying a projector.  The smallest DIY ones I've seen are boxes about 1 x 1 x 2 feet.
rickharris7 years ago
Before you posted this question did you search instructables for an answer? IF not look at the right hand Pnl on this page and go from there.

As a passing thought your unlikely to get results that are as good as professional projectors unless you spend some cash on the project BUT an old 35mm slide projector may be a good place to start.