how to make a metal shot plate for decorative shot for jewelry making ?

want to know how to make a decorative shot plate for decorative shot for use in jewelry making. Just the general knowledge of how to make one ..

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Spark erosion would do it. Make a graphite tool (easy) then find a local EDM shop with a machine,(do-able)

rickharris1 year ago

Tricky one, other than buying I would look for some decorative punches.

If your asking how they make them, Engraving, electroetching

I would imagine a lot of CNC work.

What's the material? No. No, wait. It must be something totally obvious to those skilled in the art, or else you would have mentioned it. Duh! Right?

It's obviously pewter. Or maybe silver. Or maybe an gold-tantalum alloy?

Whatever it is, if it is in a molten state when poured into the, uh, "shot plate", then the shot plate has to be made of something that will not also melt, or burn, at that temperature. This kind of metal forming is sometimes called, "casting"

In the case that the material is something soft enough, at room temperature, to be forced into the shape of the plate, just from pressure, or hammering it into the plate, in that case the plate must be made of something hard, so the plate does not also deform from the forces needed to shape the, formed, shot, thingy. This kind of metal forming might also be described as "stamping" or "coining",

You don't mean anything like this by any chance?

Just asking as it is one of the first things that comes up with a simple Google search....