how to make a mini guitar amp?

i have speaker which i don't use,and i'd like to turn it into the mini guitar amp.i just want pots for volume,treble, middle,bass and gain.? i'd also like to play it on battery (or a few batters). i can find a box and other materials easily.

Mini can mean many different things depending on the person. If you want something along the Ruby style mini amp based on the popular LM386 1/2 watt chip, look at the instructible: or go over to If you want something a little more powerful, try, my mini-amp (1-1/2 watt @ 8 ohms) that was spurred on by Further schematics can be found and kludged together at where a number of amps profess to be able to be used for guitar. These range from 2-69 watts, so there are some in there that could qualify for "mini". Another fave is ESP, which can be found at This page is the amp section. Power ranges are from 20-1500 watts. I have quite a few other sites bookmarked, but I think these represent some of the easier builds.


Kiteman8 years ago
There are quite a few amp projects here. Use the search box (top right of any page) to have a look at them.
mightynorman (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
hmmm,thanks,but i didn't find what i was looking for. i just can't find any tutorial where somebody puts gain in the amp :( i need all those instructions which parts should i buy and how to connect it to get that gain control. but thanks anyway :)))