how to make a model of an organ as the heart, lung or a model of bones?

jtobako8 years ago
What kind of model? Does it have to illustrate what the organ does? Does it have to do something close to what the organ does? Can it be flat or does it have to be 3D? How much or how accurate does the model need to be? Are you comfortable working with clay, paper mache, cardboard?
I want to make a model of the heart organ out of paper mache. 3D model would be great. If it could show the parts of the heart, it would be awesome. But I don't see how I can do it. To show the outside of the heart is easily. But how am I going to show the flow of the blood travel through all 4 chambers? You mentioned about clay and cardboard. Please enlighten me. Thank you for your time.
The easiest way to get a complex 3D form for paper mache is to mold it in oil base or polymer clay and then paper mache your model. After it drys, you can pop the paper mache off very easily. For the inside, think in layers. Take a picture of the inside of the heart and cut it out in cardboard, glue that to another sheet, then cover that with paper mache to smooth everything out. If you want to be fancy, you could make the valves out of rubber so that they can move : )
Very interesting! I might just try it! Thank you for your informative comment! If I succeed, I will let you know. :)