how to make a monumental figurative sculpture?

Use wire, hammered copper, foam, wood, fiberglass? I want to make a 30' figurative sculpture. Any suggestions?

Picture of how to make a monumental figurative sculpture?
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mmeredith55 years ago
Yo, jtobako, you might have a look at the scupture on it utilizes a newer, and less expensive, technology.
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jtobako8 years ago
30 feet tall?  What's your budget?  Copper is going to cost a mint, so is any kind of casting (literally TONS of material at that size).  Another is how long do you want it to last?  Days for a straw figure, years for wood, decades for fiberglass...

You could try metal casting. Do a Google/ Youtube search for
"Babington Burner"  They are simple to make use waste motor or
vegetable oil,and burn hot enough to melt metals.
Re-design8 years ago
Any of those or all of them together.  You can pick what is available to you, what you can work with and most important is what you see as being proper for your art.

Is this an inside piece or an outside piece?
You may also need to think about a more rigid armature to help carry the weight, possibly spreading out into the base, especially given that this particular design is  is top-heavy and supported at a single point.

Seems to be the week for large sculptures... see also responses to the guy who asked about building a stargate mockup.
Before I forget: CHECK YOUR LOCAL ZONING RULES. More than one artist has discovered that they were going to be forced to take down what they just spent years getting ready to put up.