how to make a pair of wireless headphones?

 how to make a pair of cheap stress cheap wireless headphones??

legionlabs7 years ago
There's the boring way, the easy way and the awesome way.

Boring way: Buy a usb radio transmitter for a few dollars. Buy a tiny radio. Integrate into headphones. Build and add a CMOY headphone amp if you want better volume control. Total work: 30 minutes.

Easy way: There's a chip that does this for you. It is 6$:

Awesome way: Get a radio licence. Give your wireless headphones a 1000 meter range using only analog electronics. Bonus points if you use vacuum tubes. More bonus points if you build your own vacuum tubes.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
Just buy them
Two not-exactly-made solutions I've used:

Plug a jack->fm dongle (those things for playing mp3/cd players in cars w/o cassette adapter) into the computer. Buy a cheap ($2-$4) portable FM radio and leave it tuned to it. About $8-$12 depending on how cheap the FM adapter can be gotten.

Hook up a cheap bluetooth dongle (if not bluetooth enabled) and use a bluetooth headset. Computer use only, but many forget that they in fact work as a plain headphone as well and are pretty reasonable.

Re-design8 years ago
two IR leds driven by the amp. would provide right and left.  STronger if put in front of a reflector.

Two Ir receivers that drive a small stereo amp that connect to the headphone.

Most of what you need if not all are available to you are Radio Shack if you've got one near.