how to make a pet bottle strip cutter?

I saw once a tool to cut a soda bottle into a long strip which can then be used for weaving or craft projects, I wonder does anyone have any plans to build one

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lemonie7 years ago

See the pictures in this:
That's the sort of thing isn't it?

RossR91 year ago

Looks like someone is on their way to distributing one. Great effect, looks really strong and like the shrink wrap capability!

Muchtested1 year ago

Here are the instructions to make the Utsumi minishredder.

Gorfram7 years ago
Hmm...  haven't seen this.

I just use my utility scissors - I cut off the top & bottom of the bottle, and then cut about a 1/8" strip off the body of the bottle. angling the scissors so that I'm cutting in a barely perceptible spiral. It takes a good deal of scissor work to get through 2-liter bottle, but you get something like a 10-20 yard strip (I never measured it).
belso Gorfram1 year ago

Also interesting is this video:

belso belso1 year ago
philpp (author) 7 years ago
Thanks so much Lemonie, The thing I saw was made from wood and I seem to remember it had a blade that could be adjusted for different widths of strip being cut.Once it is cutting you just pull the strip out by the metre until the bottle is finished!

I made a very simple bottle cutter like that...and attempted a tutorial, which I posted at the link below. Let me know if you need any further explanation:

philpp (author)  taylorcass3 years ago
thanks for that
jtobako philpp7 years ago
It was probably a leather strap cutter. Look for a leather tool supplier.
taylorcass3 years ago

This plastic bottle cutter is very easy to make:

The mini filetador or mini PET bottle stripper is able to cut a 2 liter PET bottle in a 1 milimeter wide and 50 meters long strip. It is easy to make and you can see how is made in our web site.
pojken7 years ago
I've been looking for it for YEARS! I found it a few years back, but promptly lost it... until today.

There you go. If you figure out how to make it inexpensively, please make an instructable.