how to make a physical model of a jet engine?


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BOOM56018 years ago
Well, their are quite a few different kinds of jets, mainly pulse, ram, turbine.
This is a good site for all jet types.
jtobako8 years ago
What KIND of jet?  Jam jar?  Ram?  Pulse?  Turbine?

How detailed-picture?  Moving parts?  Solid model?  Test-bed?

What do you have to work with?  Full tool shop?  Lots of money?  Whatever you can find in the kitchen?

How much time do you have?  Monday?  Next month?  New hobby?
seandogue8 years ago
Crack open any number of books that show the basic design or use the net...There are thousands of pictures and other resources that show the intimate details of the various forms of Jet engine on the net often no farther than the search term "Jet engine", then create a model using whatever material you have at hand. A model can be made using balsa, metal, plastic...

Same *basic advise goes whether a functional design or simply a mockup.
lemonie8 years ago
Do you want a working model or a just model, do you want one or to make one?
People sell both, one is easily made the other is not.

kelseymh8 years ago
If you type "jet engine" into the text box next to the word search at the top of every single page on the I'bles site, you'll get some possible answers:
Re-design8 years ago
You could build a model of this jet engine section.

Are you thinking of building a model with rotating parts?, or just a static model?
What do you mean ?