how to make a rubber part that doesnt exist ?

hi good peoples, i work at a place that makes and sells beef jerky and smokies. quite recenty one of the machines we use to cut them from links quit working properly and needs a new rubber pad for the clutch that stops the blade. the problem is the company we bought the machines and all parts for them it died with the owner so we cant replace them. my question is how hard would it be to mold rubber into a new brake pad for the clutch. i will put up pictures of the clutch and pad as soon as i can but i might as well start with the first problem how to cast and mold a rubber sturdy enough to do the job. all info on this would be greatly appreciated

side note: now that i have the parts this is what they look like. two very soft rubber wheels with a concave treaded surface. the rubber tread is really worn down hence the need for replacement 

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nicelly5 years ago
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rickharris5 years ago
With no picture it's hard to foretell the future!

Where are you?

Picture or at least some kind of spec.


You could try replacing the old pad by gluing on some rubber reclaimed from and old inner tube OR even an old bike or car tyre.

snowfox222 (author)  rickharris5 years ago
im from ohio, and when i wrote this i was unfortunately unprepared. i will hopefully have the part and pictures in my possesion
The chances are that the parts used are standard ones, very few people make ALL the components of a machine. We need to see pictures.

canucksgirl5 years ago
Pictures would really help. It's hard to simply imagine the part and therefore give you some suggestions on how to cast it, when perhaps there are better alternatives.
Interesting pictures of rubbery, and other, cast objects are appearing in the related panel.  On the right side of the screen, here: --------------->