how to make a simple detonator?

how can i make an electronic detonator for fireworks?

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You could search for instructables using the word "detonator"

Looks there are some good ones in the related panel too. -------->
rickharris6 years ago
buy what you need - a lot more reliable.
And thus safer -- see my other comment.

There seem to be some similar instructables in the Related column at right, and a keyword search might find more.

I'm going to assume you've already read and accepted all the standard safety warnings, and know what the legalities are in your area. Evolution takes no prisoners.
> Evolution takes no prisoners.
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orksecurity6 years ago
STRONG SUGGESTION: Whatever you do, make sure it has extremely strong rejection of false signals. The last thing you want is for some random bit of radio noise to trigger it when you aren't ready.
PM me , and ill show you a rather cheap long distance transmitter receiver pair easily converted into a wireless detonator with the addition of a 9v battery
.Unknown.6 years ago
Do you need it to be remote controlled? Or is on a wire fine?
Simple method:
Run a very fine piece of wire through the charge/explosive/whatever you need to be ignited. Nichrome wire is great if you have any, but regular fine copper wire is alright.
Connect the ends of that piece of wire to 2 other thicker wires, and run them to a power supply. Something like a 12V car battery works alright.
Connecting the wires to the battery should cause that small piece of wire to heat up, hopefully igniting the firework.
If not, put more car batteries in series to get more current flowing through the wire, and hence more heat.