how to make a simple metal detector?

give me plans and circuit digram for a simple metal detector.

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sf49ers3 years ago

I made my metal detector by getting a small, handheld radio and a calculator. First you turn on the radio to AM and find a station with just static and then you turn on the calculator and tape it to the back of the radio. When it detects metal the static should get louder.

robot1398 (author) 6 years ago
hey all thanks for all the answers i got the schematic see the instructable comming out soon
you read the answers simple metal detector

Kiteman6 years ago
Since you asked so nicely...
metal detector 101.jpg
This is almost what is called a "Dip Needle". I used to use one years ago in another lifetime...

It is basically a magnetic compass on its side with a mirror 90 degrees to the face so you can see the needle in the mirror. North would point straight up. When it is not near any ferrous metal, the needle is sideways. Moving it nearer to ferrous metal, the needle will start to move. When it is directly over the object, it will be straight up and down. Moving side to side and in a 90 degree cross pattern over the object lets you pinpoint it. They work well if you go slow enough. I used to find property corners (iron pins/rebar) and even found a 16 penny nail buried about 1/2 foot in the ground.

Ahh, the old days...

Please take a look at the link I have graciously found for you (in just a few minutes time, I might add) by clicking here. It is a simple 1 transistor BFO circuit that uses a small transistor AM radio to inform you of a find.

In addition to Lemonie's suggestion of a place to look, I would like to add as one of the other places I look with great success. The search term used was "metal detector schematic" without the quotes.

I  thank you kindly for reading my post.

lemonie6 years ago

This is not the only source of information on the internet, bookmark / favorite this page:

rickharris6 years ago

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To answer your question this is about a simple as they get.