how to make a simple robots.i want to learn from the basic.plz help me out?

psymansays8 years ago
I would check out the Ghetto AVR 'ible, on this site. That guy's information is very useful for starting with MCU programming. Then, you should take a class on C programming, and check out some of the robots on this site. Another tack would be to buy one of those snazzy "serb" robot kits that someone has on Ponoko.
Kiteman8 years ago
Start with a beetle robot, then progress to mousebot.

After that, you may want to try going down the microcontroller route or the BEAM route, depending on your personal preferences.
yourcat8 years ago
Um... a little more information here?
Before you begin to make robots with real 'brains', I suggest starting off simple.

Building a collection of VibroBots will give you practice ordering parts, assembling, and experimenting with small mechanical parts. A VibroBot is essentially just a pager motor and a battery.

Building a BeetleBot could help you begin soldering, circuits, and more advanced assembly. A BeetleBot's electronic components are just a pair of motors, a pair of switches, and some batteries.