how to make a simple timer (2hour maximum)?

I want to propose a project study that will hold/lock the syringe in a thawing rack for 2 hours. thawing rack dimensions 6" x 6" x 6". I want to put a cover on it (flexi-glass).

framistan7 years ago
I have built several 2 hour timers just by taking apart any old coffee pot that has an automatic timer on it.  They are usually 2 hour timers also!  Just remove the clock/timer board and build it into a suitable box.   The 2 wires that previously went to the HEATING ELEMENT just connect to the ac-outlet you will include in your box you build.  Be sure to use plastic wirenuts and electrical tape on the connections for safety.  They also sell 2hour timers in the hardware store, but they cost about $15.00 !!! pretty pricey, and you will STILL need to mount it into a box and provide outlet plug etc!! 

SIDE NOTE///  the others commenting are correct in asking for some more information.  It is rather unclear what you want to build.  You might want to resubmit or edit your question with some more information if the answers dont help...
orksecurity7 years ago
What kind of timing, and what's wrong with buying an off-the-shelf timer?
lemonie7 years ago
Not too sure what your asking here. the syringe?
Might this have anything to do with a syringe-driver?

I second that.  I have not clue what you are asking us to design.  More details please.