how to make a sound activated switch?

making led light up win you hit on a drum

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If this is for a drum kit, rather than a single drum, you might want to consider using an impact or vibration-sensitive trigger instead ot a sound-sensitive one, just to minimize spillover sound triggering the wrong light. Maybe piezo switches or something like that? Perhaps hack a Guitar Hero or Rock Band drumset for parts? Just thinking out loud here....
Do you want it to latch, i.e. the LED turns on and stays on, or do you want it to just sort of flash once with each drum-beat?
Actually I was also wanting to build the same thing and yes I want to have just a flash per beat on each individual drum or the whole drum ( if connected by a single strip of LED)
jeff-o7 years ago
I think the bits you need can be found in my Electric Ovaloid Instructable.  It features a sound-activated switch that triggers a string of LEDs when a loud enough sound is detected.
orksecurity7 years ago
Long ago, Popular Electronics published a simple circuit which used the output of a standard audio amplifier to trigger a relay. They were using it to advance a slide projector (use one stereo track for your comments, and put a noise on the other whenever it was time to move to the next slide). I don't have the circuit handy, but it was just the relay and a few passive components.... hard to beat that for simplicity.