how to make a watch like led scrolling display?

hi all,
 i want to make a watch/ bracelet like scrolling display. which can show alphanumeric characters and special characters also. attached here with a led watch image.
is anyone have any idea about this?

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Yes, if you can program. Look at "Metawatch" for one concept
sureshpadhy (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
ok thnkx frollard, i ll try my best
frollard5 years ago
That sounds like a complex project for someone who doesn't know a lot about electronics.

What you need to look up/learn is:
LED Matrix
Microcontroller design and programming
surface mount soldering

Once you know these things, you can design a matrix wrist band.
sureshpadhy (author)  frollard5 years ago
thnx for the reply

is there any such microcontroller devices available in market?
Thousands, literally.

Like I said, you need to know and understand:

LED Matrixes, Microcontroller Design and Programming, and Surface Mount Soldering. Search. Go. I believe in you.