how to make a waterproof switch for a minisub?

Right now, I am in the process of building a small tethered submarine that is only about 1 foot long. There will be an external light module on it. So far I have a cluster of LEDs and a 9v battery holder that are both waterproof, but I do not have a way of turning the lights on and off that is waterproof. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to waterproof a switch or where to buy a waterproof switch?

Z1ggy8 years ago
Z1ggy8 years ago
look around the abandoned shed, get some ducktape, a small lightbulb and some krazy glue. :)
lemonie8 years ago
Unless you're running this in saltwater you'll find that low voltage electrics work OK in water. Water doesn't conduct electricity very well unless it has a relatively high ion concentration. L
orksecurity8 years ago
Use a magnetic reed switch, possibly feeding into a toggle on/off circuit?