how to make a windows 7 computer a server?

What all requirements needed??
what all steps to follow in detail??

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Jayefuu4 years ago
You want to host a web page from your PC? Install XAMPP
frollard4 years ago
Step one, install windows 7.
Step two, install whatever server software you want.

thegeeke4 years ago
How to make a Windows 7 Computer a server? Install a server OS on it! Which OS depends on your needs, and what you want the server to do. You will have no end of troubles trying to hack a W7 computer into a server.
Willard2.04 years ago
The answer depends what kind of server you want to build, and what you want the server to do. 

Keep in mind Win7 has a limit of 20 simultaneous connections.  That can be 20 users with one file each, or 2 users with 10 files each.  Not ideal for a server.
Of what ?
Web ? Put a LAMP stack on it.