how to make an RC delay to led (not flashing) ?

how to make an RC delay to led (not flashing) ?
i have 3 leds and i want them to light up in sequence once they are powered and they keep lighting without flashing
for example
second 0 > 1 0 0
second 1 > 1 1 0
second 2 > 1 1 1

The best way would be to use Schmitt triggers and RC delays like this.

This has the advantage of being expandable ad nauseum.

Delay LED.jpg
aessam1 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
i know that it's possible and easy using ICs
and i know how to do it using 555
but the idea is that i want to make it as simple as i can
and I'm not looking for long periods
the idea is that i have 3 (7colors flashing leds)
and if i switched them in the same time the flash the same colors
so i want to make a small delay between every one so that they flash different colors
and it's going to be in very small place so i want to use the least components as possible
i think maybe an RC and transistor could do it
if it's not possible without the use of ICs tell me
and thanks for your reply
My circuit gives clean switching "on and off", using a transistor will give you very soft starting and poor response.