how to make an adze?

how to make an adze

vinel8 years ago
I have a few of these and the best place to find one is at a flea market . if you do plan on using one be sure to wear steel toe shoes . they will take the toe nails off your feet
nruegs8 years ago
these might work, but apparantly the real art is in learning to swing an adze.
jtobako8 years ago
Take about 8 inches of leaf spring and drill, punch or cut a hole in one end about 2 inches in diameter. Weld a chunk of pipe over the hole to hold the handle. Grind a bevel on the opposite end, same side. Don't let the steel get too hot (change color). Finish sharpening with hand stone. Carve down a chunk of wood to fit the hole-use hardwood. Wedge the handle in, trim the extra wood off the outside with a grinder or belt sander. Or, find a branch with a crotch on one end. Get a chunk of steel and sharpen one end. Carve the crotch end of the branch flat with a step just deep enough to hold the blade. Wrap thoroughly with wet rawhide and let dry.
goodgnus8 years ago
Take a blacksmithing class, maybe a local community college would have?