how to make an engrave plate out of copper?

how to  make an engrave plate out of copper?

jtobako8 years ago
What kind of engraving are you looking to do?  There are several good sites with tutorials if you look for them, igraver is one but most are focused on selling powered tools.

Google books has at least one copy of a hand engraving text.

You-tube has a few videos on engraving, but again, most are selling power tools.

I just switched computers, so I don't have all my old bookmarks or files to send you : (
Burf8 years ago
One of the earliest forms of etching was to draw a design in black ink on a copper plate.  The copper plate was then given a thin coat of  hard candle wax by dipping in heated wax. Once the wax hardened, using a wooden or bone stylus, the wax was carefully scratched off the ink design underneath and then dipped in an acid bath to etch the copper where the wax was removed.
The traditional technique was literally to take a "graving tool" and cut trenches in a copper plate. It IS/was a VERY skilled job. Photo etching, as Ork suggests is a much more practical process.
orksecurity8 years ago
Either engrave the image into the plate by hand, or use an electrochemical etching technique after applying a resist. Best simple description of the latter that I've seen is at, though for printing you may need to modify the processing somewhat.