how to make liquid antifreeze concrete?

i need that how make liquid antifreeze concrete & a new formulation for product,thanks my friends

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iceng5 years ago
Up here in the mountains alcohol is added.
Also antifreezing concrete admixture low dosage: 2.0-4.0% suitable for
the winter construction JK-15 is naphthalene-based ...

Setting Concrete is moderately exothermic.
Cover the concrete for the first 24hrs when it must not freeze.

anoosh khan (author) 5 years ago
yes,its true,plz help me and give me an formulation about that,thank u
Mix aluminium powder in the mix creates bubbles.
nofunclub5 years ago
you might find some answers there
Freeze-Thaw Resistance

or there
Process for preparing frost resistant concrete

both from the first googlesearch page
FoolishSage5 years ago
You can buy air-entraining portland cement and use it regularly. If you already have a regular portland cement you can add air-entraining additives between 5% and 8% by volume.

Either type of cement has small air pockets which will make it resistant to freeze/thaw cycles.
rickharris5 years ago
Do you mean frost resistant concrete?