how to make dhosha?

the south indian food dhosha

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lemonie7 years ago
And L scores again.  I was getting all kinds of things looking for "


That is when I decided to go for "South Indian Cuisine"...

"When the initial search fails, fall back and punt." A valuable lesson for the neophyte Googler. Perhaps a valuable addition to the FAQ?
I was thinking about a separate one (again). But much of searching is innate, it's hard to pull out rules, you just get various tips...

I guess so... It is difficult to identify the rules, or even tips, when it just seems like so much of it is patently obvious. It is apparently not nearly as obvious as I think it is, though.
No it's not always obvious. The small jump from "dhosa" to "south Indian" is one thing, adding "cuisine" is something else, and you'd find it hard to get the result without that.