how to make ear wires?

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Re-design5 years ago
My ear didn't come with wires so I haven't a clue.
This is very true. People are not born with wires attached to their ears.

However, there are people who intentionally punch small holes in the flesh of their ears.  The wound caused by this so called piercing heals, but it leaves a small, and permanent, hole in the ear, through which wires or other small pieces of metal can be inserted.

The objects people attach with wire to their pierced ears are typically objects of adornment.

Robot was born with ear-wires...

Erm.. yeah.  I mean those things sticking out of Robot's head do sure look like ear wires.
So you've got a good point there. I guess some people, especially people who are robots, are born with ear wires.
Well I've actually got one of those.
rickharris5 years ago
On the other hand perhaps the OP means ear buds? Most young people seem to be born with them attached.
rickharris5 years ago
Assuming you mean for jewellery


Tell me you did some research first?