how to make easy fm transmitter?

Slowpoke7 years ago
Do you want just a simple transmitter or an FM stereo transmitter. Got plans for both.
ericb1 Slowpoke6 years ago
I was looking to make an FM transmitter for my car. My wife has one that fits on her iPod, but I have an iPod nano, and it only has a headphone jack on it.

I was looking for an instructable for a cheap FM trasmitter that I can plug my iPod nano into and play my tunes through my car stereo.

any help is appreciated, thanks!
AndyGadget7 years ago
There's an open source project called the NiftyMitter and HERE'S an Instructable based on it with links to the main site.
andy AndyGadget7 years ago
In addition there is this instructable for a computer controlled version
Hope this helps,