how to make electric r/c boat?

i want to make a boat for school with an electric powered battery motor with a switch, which can drive a propeller in the water. it must be water proofe but if it cant anything as close as possible.

jotism8 years ago
Get an airfix model boat and a cheap RC car and its motor, I could sell you most of the arts if you live in the UK, otherwise just go to a shop. Drill a hole just bigger than the bit that turns on the motor and put some glue gun glue on the outside of it, put the motor in then turn it on until the glue dries, it will be virtually water tight as long as you don't leave it in the water for more that about a few hours. Then connect the wires (if you took them off) from the CPU in the RC car to the motor, and glue a string to the front to steer t home, or f you are good at that sort of ting make rudders and connect it to the CPU.
miiwii38 years ago
buy a cheep boat and open it up. find the recieving module and the trans mitting module (in the remote). Find the out put wires and solder a transitor to those that can handle the voltage your going to put to the motor. I dont know if you need a rudder if you do just salvage it. for the housing buy legos and put the together in the shape of an hull and hot glue it shut. check out my instructable under my profile. log in too if you don't want to give your e-mail make on up like