how to make ghillies shoes?

Hi Everybody,

I'm looking for introductions how I can make irish ghillies shoes by myself.
It would be grest if somebody can help me,
tnaks and have a nice day!!!!

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mmoffat5 years ago
Here's a link to some instructions:

Looks like you'd need about 3 square feet of leather and about a six foot length of lace for a pair
Melli122 (author) 7 years ago
thank you for your infos,
and re-design thank you for the link, sadly nothing nearly like the shoes I'm looking for, but I great info about other nice shoes :)

I post a picture what these ghillies shoes should look like and it's not possible for me to buy one of these because I'm living in Namibia (Africa) and here is everything ages behind and delivery from other countries is not safe! (Everybody is stealing from everyone-very sad!)
tewharau7 years ago
 There are (at least) two types of ghillies shoes....the moccasin ones for dancing and the leather sole & heel brogues for wearing with a kilt.

I made a pair of the ghillies brogues from a pair of wingtip-type shoes and I can post pics if those are what you are looking for.
Re-design7 years ago
Let Ghillie make his own shoes!
Re-design7 years ago
Or you could buy some real chamois (mountain antelope) and make a few pair out of that. 

Here's a good link to making your own shoes and boots.  Should be some great info there.

IF you can'g find a good pattern, look for a moccasin pattern and adapt that.