how to make glass out of sand?

what will i use to melt it? what will i use as a crucible? what will it turn out as? is it even possible?

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Jupiter76 years ago
Just made a throwaway for this. 4th link from top of google is this one. This is as constructive instructables has to say??? Pros on inscrutables say USE GOOGLE. Think twice about telling people to use google, when they make a perfectly indexing question.
you can check this out : how to make glass
jackblack087 years ago
What do your researches on Google say ? Its been "possible" for at least 4000 years.
sharlston (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
ok will you answer the rest of the questions please? :)
Why don't you answer them yourself. Google and Wikipedia both have information at the basic level you need.
sharlston (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
ive been searching
Not much, apparently. How hard is it to type "glass" into Wikipedia?
In the glass melting experiments I've been involved in, the usual crucibles are made of SOLID platinum ! A fused silica crucible will work. You need a furnace capable of around 1600 C, though a sodalime glass will melt at about 1500C
Fused silica is "something else", I remember a display cabinet in my chemistry dept etc........... L
Just spent a week in Germany melting glass ! We used Boron Nitride and graphite crucibles for that - and NO oxygen. Some weird high temperature chemistry going on in the furnace atmosphere that I didn't understand.
Ooh that sounds fun. Molten boron is something else again (as I understand it)?

I'm not even going to answer this becasue it is going to be code red dangerous not to mention you probaly dont have a furnace that hot and you cant light a huge bonfire in your yard now can
There's a very neat tiny furnace in the current copy of make, which can probably fuse glass.
ok cool
lemonie8 years ago
You need to mix sand with other stuff like lime and borax, and you need a serious amount of heat. The other answers are good: this information is searchable (but I'm just going off a big list in my head...)

matti138 years ago