how to make home bot?

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Wisaam4 years ago
It depends on what type of home bot you want to make, just verify that. I think by home bot you mean a butler bot. Even then it depends on what activities you want it to be capable of.
yhdesai (author)  Wisaam4 years ago
brings water bottle from kitchen to bedroom
transfers things frim one place to another
Wisaam yhdesai4 years ago
Well, even for that you would need many things like microcontrollers, IR sensor and stuff by the use of which you can program it and make it do stuff. This all can not be explained in an answer. I think you should search it on google. And I also think that you should start with something a little bit more simpler, Check this. You should also search it on instructables if it's already covered.
iceng4 years ago
I have this home robotic machine;
  • That grinds a bunch of beans
  • Heats a fixed volume of H2O
  • Makes a puck
  • moistens said puck and
  • Moments later streams hot liquid through the puck.
To a waiting cup of previously defined size and concentration.

Is this what you want to make how ?
frollard iceng4 years ago
I want that! There's a really nice breville I've been eyeing but can't fathom spending $800 CAD for such a bot!
iceng frollard4 years ago
Jura makes Impressa F9 ... 1-800-220-5701  Customer service.

While my wife was upset about a $900 reconditioned machine at first.
She now loves saving about $150 per month of great coffee each day.
Here coffee is almost $5 a cup on the street now.....

A refurbished unit in my mind is better then a new $1600 unit because its
fully tested.

We had a problem two years ago and sent it back and ended up with
another refurbished unit ( no cost ) great company..
frollard iceng4 years ago
I'll keep Jura in mind! Likewise, here a good latte will set you back 4-6 dollars, so I stick with mostly cheap drip brew - with the occasional espresso treat here and there. Really tempted for one of these or something super entry level like a n'espresso machine.
iceng frollard4 years ago
I would not have a friend lock into coffee choice inserts made for a coffee machine.
Kodak used to almost gave away box cameras and then made money on film.

I do consult for a coffee scientist and if you ever get a grinder type machine one day.
PM me your address so I can mail you real supreme roast coffee bag of beans to try :)

rickharris4 years ago
To do what?

An automatic washing machine is a type of robot.