how to make homemade walkie talkie ?

i want to make my own walkie talkie...  but i don't know how !!
i have two speakers and mic ( from old TATA WALKY  wireless phone ) .

i want a simple and easy to make circuit .


what to do with these two.. ?? 
i want to make something special.....

Picture of how to make homemade walkie talkie ?
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i want a video how make the walkie talkie

My sisters bougt some cheap walkietalkies. They buzz all the time...
Even if it worked, you would need to do sth for noise cancelling or it is unbearable.

rickharris3 years ago

Nor going to work - sorry.

iceng3 years ago

Walk on your hands :-)

There are two ways . . . 1) Discrete transistors and . . . 2) Integrated Circuits

But none of those that work are simple and unlike your very good electric ibles

RF circuits are sensitive to wire length and millimeter position that can loose tuning on a hairs width.

Make a code dit dah should be your first goal then learn about amplitude mofulation.