how to make long range gold detector?

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kysar7 years ago
If you want to find gold check the several sites by Dan Hausel he is the authority on the subject. He has several books on the subject and I own copies of most of them and the gold I have recovered have more than paid for the $ spent several times over.
kysar7 years ago
What you seek is a magnetic anomaly detector / geomagnetic scanner. they can be used with a laptop computer but they don't beep when you find gold they only show spot magnetic surveys that you plot as you travel in a grid. They are normally used in air planes or in boats. The information is used to create a map of the scanned area, but interpreting this info might require a graduate degree. I have seen some for ocean surveys that might be simple to make but I bet several of the people here can help more than I can on making a device that would be able to measure magnetic fields. The problem is that you need a background in geology because the gold can be in the magnetic lows or the highs depending on geochemistry of the host rocks. The only metal detector that really works for deep gold or metal is made by Whites electronics they are about $600 usd and can find things like a metal bucket at ten feet down. Recently a guy in California found a 9 pound gold nugget at 12ft with one of these.
iamastr7 years ago
looking for answers just look out for this list of gold scams to watch out for
jeff-o8 years ago
If it could be made today, it would have been made already.  Sorry, you're going to have to find yer pirate booty the old fashioned way.
kelseymh jeff-o8 years ago
By hanging out at pirate bars?
jeff-o kelseymh8 years ago
Yes, but only on weekends.  During the week you have to get up early so you can't go to the bar.
Google "gold detector"
Re-design8 years ago
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