how to make money from instructables?

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you'll get paid in my site for posting uniquely written electronic related posts.

presently the compensation rate is $5 per 500 words....

do you still have the offer? let me know the procedure at

ArifI91 year ago

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sarahana2 years ago


sorry for bad typing skills

sarahana2 years ago

i think this money thing doesn't work, like it does on posting videos on you tube, Facebook....

buuuut it would be super cool of it foes

anyone got an idea

mike25013 years ago

I think what he was asking was if you have the option to get paid via residuals from advertisements on your instructables that you post based on the ads vs page hits, like you can on youtube. Would be kind of awesome actually :)

orksecurity7 years ago
Brief answer: No. All you get from publishing on Instructables is a bit of ego-boo, some feedback, and _maybe_ someone who likes it but doesn't want to build it themselves will offer to pay you to build one for them (though they may not offer enough to make it worth your while.)

If you want to market stuff, Esty seems to be a good outlet for all sorts of handmade or small-quantity objects.

If you want to market your services, figure out what service you want to offer. For example, you might want to offer a build-on-demand service where people would pay you to construct _other_ folks' instructables for them. Again, the question is whether you could charge enough to make it worth your effort without scaring them off... and whether you can convinced folks that you really have the chops to do it. Publishing some instructables to show examples of your work might help in that regard -- chalk it up as advertising costs.

If you want to get paid for writing instructions on how to make stuff, you might want to contact the magazines (Make being an obvious one, but there are others depending on exactly what kind of stuff it is) and ask for their submission guidelines. A quick way to get a list of most of the possible places that might buy articles of this sort (or any sort) is to hit your local library and look at a copy of The Writer's Market, which is a summary of publishers, what kinds of things they buy, and what they pay. Send submissions, get rejection letters, learn from those and send better submissions, repeat until you get published. Warning: This is WORK. It can be fun work, but it's still a nontrivial effort. Unless you make a serious effort to find interesting things to say and have the skill to say them in interesting ways, you won't sell.

Hope that answers the question, and the question behind the question, and gets you pointed in useful directions.
acidbass7 years ago
look in the marketplace forum
frollard7 years ago
Apply, intern, then get employed by the head office...

otherwise, you can't (or shouldn't and will be kicked to the curb if you do).

Any time you make money from an ible it's generally in good taste to disclose that - like if you make a product and have an ible on how to use that product, to say "I sell this product" at the start. Still, you're not directly making money from ibles.

Make stuff, and sell it on the forums.

Provide a service, and sell it on the forums...

Note the theme here - you have to do WORK.
people i posted a new ancers plase replie
amacattar (author)  frollard7 years ago
hi frollard

Sure I have to do work but what I mean do we earn any thing by posting our instructables on the site or we have to sell it some where alse

Well, you've had two years to figure it out. In all that time, what exactly have you posted?
Why didn't you ask that, then?
There is no reciprocity from ibles for posting your project - you may get featured and win pro memberships, or enter contests to win prizes, but nobody will send you a cheque just for posting something. It's a show and tell.
janw7 years ago
We love free stuff! We love free stuff! And thats the whole point here: sharing not selling.
rickharris7 years ago
A direct answer is NO cash - you do it for the thrill of sharing your ideas and skill.
lemonie7 years ago
kelseymh7 years ago
Oh, if only you had actually published an Instructable showing something unique you had created! Then you could build an account on Etsy, or some other commerce-based Web site (eBay, Amazon, whatever), and offer to sell the unique thing you created to other people. As it is, well ....