how to make or wire a VGA cable to Rca ports or plugs?

that will work on Windows system

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-max-1 year ago

There are converters that should do the job. The VGA standard uses separate red, green, and blue color channels as well as separate Hsync and Vsync signals. Composite video basically squeezes all of these separate channels down a single coax.

verence1 year ago

No, Downunder35m, you are too negative, it's possible, (I'd think).

All you need is a VGA frame grabber with multiple (2..4) input buffers that allow to capture the VGA frames (at 50..80Hz) that will go in one video frame (25Hz), combine the time spatial pictures into one, shrink them to the typical PAL or NTSC line and pixel rates, put that in an (or two) output buffers and have some logic to clock that output buffer out while creating the correct timing pulses.

Should be totally doable with a moderately powerful FPGA, some high speed ADCs and an DAC. Sounds like a cool project for an electrical engineering student.

Or just look here

Well, in that case it is of course possible but would come more expensive than a little TV with RCA and VGA inputs.
Problem is that one signal is digital and controlled by a lot of wires and the other is an analog signal with all color, luminanve and brightness levels combined.
Basically the same problem we had back in the days connecting our "modern" computers to a TV screen, just in reverse and without using the antenna signal.

GabrielD15 (author)  Downunder35m1 year ago
hahaha im feel dumb thinking i could just solder wires from vga to rca plugs

Don't, it was my first thought too when I wanted to connect my game console to an old monitor ROFL

Not possible, check the VGA standards in ragards to the cable ;)