how to make spring assisted knive?

they are legal in canada

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canucksgirl5 years ago
Here's a company that sells spring assisted knives.

Here's a website that lists all the manufacturers of spring assisted knives.

Unfortunately, I cannot find anywhere that shows how to make one.
thewayshegoes (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
i would like to buy one from a store not ordor offline
Where are you located? Maybe I can find you a store closer to where you live.
thewayshegoes (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Im am located in Nova Scotia Canada
:-] thanks
Ok.... I found that Mountain Equipment Co-op has a location in Halifax. They sell many knives and several of them open with one hand.

Gerber Mini Swagger

Gerber/Bear Grylls

Leatherman c33x

Sog Flash II

They may have more. I did not look at all the knives. Most do not say they open with one hand or have a spring assist in their title. You have to open the description to find out more information.

I hope that helps. It wasn't easy finding some place close to you. :)
thewayshegoes (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
i was looking for a Milano III Stiletto Spring Assisted Knife if you could find one that would be cool
thewayshegoes (author)  thewayshegoes5 years ago
or any type of Stiletto Style Spring Assisted Knife
Wow... that is not easy to find in Canada!

I know you said you did not want to order online, BUT, I did find a similar knife on the U.S. Sears website, AND, Canadians CAN order from the U.S. Sears site and ship to Canada. Sears is a reputable company. I have bought MANY things from them, and have NEVER had a problem.   Plus they have a good return policy.

HERE is the knife I found. You'll see that it says it is "Eligible for International Shipping".

If this won't work for you, then I would suggest that you try finding an "Army Surplus Store" or an outdoors type hunting & fishing store and call around and ask if you can buy from a local store or have them order something in for you.

Unfortunately there just isn't a whole lot of other options. 
thewayshegoes (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
thanks :-{}
You're welcome. It's the best I could do. :)
thewayshegoes (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
i was looking for a non woodstock one but thanks 4 the help
No problem. As I said its a hard thing to find here in Canada. You could always try an Army Surplus type store or a Hunting & Fishing type Outdoors store. Most of those places don't have websites, and those that do don't always show all their stock online. So check with stores like that near you, and see if they have what your looking for or ask if they can order in what you want.

Good Luck. :)
You might also be able to find a spring kit that you can use to modify an existing knife, but from what I read everywhere, it would just be cheaper to buy yourself a spring assisted knife. The links I provided should get you to some websites where you can order one. - Good luck.
Thermionic5 years ago
Where's the please?
thewayshegoes (author)  Thermionic5 years ago
please :-D
sorry i was typeing fast because i was leaving a wifi zone
Thermionic5 years ago
Knife. And Google
thewayshegoes (author)  Thermionic5 years ago
send a link to one caus i cant find one