how to make those yellow-bordered comment boxes on the photos??

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wbing6 years ago
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lemonie8 years ago
Make sure you're logged-in Put your mouse over the image Press the left mouse button Keeping the left mouse button pressed, drag the mouse to create a box. Let go of left mouse button A box will appear for the text Add text Click 'save' (press "select as best answer" on my answer to your question) L
decemberjazz (author)  lemonie8 years ago
That doesn't seem to work. It's not browser specific, either. Perhaps I have to have posted the photo myself for it to work.
You do have to have posted the image, that is what gives you the right / permission to add to it. L
why do you always add an L to the end of your comment? M

It's a habit,

Gamer9178 years ago
for once, i agree with lemonie