how to make tobacco pouch for rolling cigarettes?

 For any smokers who roll their own ciaretes. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to makes a pouch to hold tobacco, complete with a pocket to hold papers and possibly filters. I've seen these made with laminated magazines and stuff but the logistics are way over my heard...thanks!HOw do I do this??? HI

3204 years ago
on second thought...go to an antique shop and pick up a prince albert or sir walter raleigh tin...tuck your papers, tobacco  and matches inside. authenticity!
3204 years ago
in the day the gents i knew that rolled their own, smoked bull durham or some brand of pipe tobacco.
bull durham was totally dessicated and came in cheesecloth pouch. the cigarettes burned quickly and hot.
pipe tobacco came in tins (like band aids) sealed in a pouch. the smokes rolled easily and smoked like real unfiltered cigarettes.

so after all that..try an altoids tin with ziplock bag in the large side. use double sided adhesive strips and stick your papers to the lid. you should be good to go.
OK, I'll give it a shot.
2 small zip lock bags side by side, 1 for tobacco and 1 for papers.
and Duct tape
You can adapt ibles on making duct tape wallet for ways of making pockets on the side also.

I'll go with you on that - tape!