how to make what shows up on my computer monitor show up on my tv?

 how can you make the image or video or internet basically anything tht is on my computer to show up on my tv?


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Re-design7 years ago
If your tv has a digital imput, you can get a video card that has two outputs and connect one to the monitor and one to the tv.  Windows allows more than one monitor.  You an duplicate the monitor image or spread the image across both so that one half is the right and one half is the left side of the desktop.

If you video card does not have two outputs then you can install a second vid card.  windows allows multi vid cards.

IF your tv doesn't have a digital (vga, hdmi etc) then you would have to use an rf converter and the resolution of those are apalling.  Less than cga and that's bad and you would not even want to look at it.
gruda (author)  Re-design7 years ago
 your answer intrigues me, What is a Digital out put? I only have RCA and Coax, 

Please explain this to me in a way a learning disabled person can understand, for I am a little LD..... 

Links to products would be frantastic 
Re-design gruda7 years ago
Digital output is what your computer outputs from your video card.

Some modern tv's mostly flat screens have direct inputs for computers.  Here's a link to explain that.

Some tv's have a vga connection just like the computer monitor.  Infact they may be listed as tv/computer monitors.

An RF modulator takes the signals from the computer and turns them into a signal that the regular tv can process.  I don't know it this unit will work from a computer though, games are listed though.  You would need to make sure that you got a unit that would accept computer signals.

gruda (author)  Re-design7 years ago
 OHHHH I know what your talking about! the TV upstairs has that but the TV in my office doesn't.

Now correct me if I'm wrong So I just but a RF modulator that would be compatible with both right? 
Re-design gruda7 years ago
If the rf mod. will accept the computer output then yes it will work.
milsorgen7 years ago
A lot of video cards have a video out on them.