how to make wired web cam wireless?

I have a USB webcam and I want to make it wireless. I understand there are solutions available in the market but I want to do this myself. Also i'd like to know what is the best way to increase transmission range for a Video and Audio signal.

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Sandisk1duo8 years ago
if it's a web cam you'll need a computer,

just connect the computer to internet and go here

then, when you want to access the video, just go to a computer and watch

dear sandisk1duo, the "here" place expired on 6-03-2015 . i've been looking also and the cheapest,easiest, kindest and most simplest way for me and a "babies room monitor" seems my way out. <30 u.s.dollars. range 20 meters to an unobstructed view of 40 meters. have one coming for my remote controlled lawn mower and will let you know in 3 weeks from today. box full of webcams right beside me.


I have been researching for three months and couldnt find a single way to do it for cheap proces so check this out.....this might help out.......i couldnt do this because i dont have two wireless routers....if you have two routers with USB ports then you could try it at your home.

Step 1: Finding a Camera

The main component required is a camera. You need to find a web cam which is normally connected by a USB or Ethernet cable. The easiest type to use would be a network cable, but USB cameras will also suffice. The length of the cable isn't that important since you are converting it into a wireless security camera.

Step 2: Using Wireless Routers

You now need to convert the web cam or IP camera into a wireless security camera. To do this, you will need to purchase two wireless routers, both of these need to have USB ports available.

Step 3: Setting up the Network

Connect the wireless router to your Internet connection, and then connect the other one to your security camera. This makes it very easy to wirelessly access the video stream.

Now, connect your routers to a power outlet. Normally, most webcams will draw the power they need from the USB port, however, it's also possible to find some cameras which require an additional power source.

Step 4: Installing the camera

Fix the camera wherever you want to film. Remember that you will need to position the wireless router nearby. If you are using the camera outside, then you will need to use a housing which will keep your camera protected from the weather.

Step 5: Installing Software

Install the webcam software on your computer, and set it up to use the remote camera. You might also like to purchase specialist security software. This is designed to automatically start recording as soon as movement is detected but not so important. The videos are recorded straight to your computers hard drive.

I think it's logical and it might work out but dont blame me if it doesn't work and check twice for any mistakes

minijc4 years ago
try this
Again I'm no expert but if you use an FM transmitter you will also need a reciver. Also note using a cheap car radio FM transmitter or reciver would probably not work because video transmittion needs alot of data so you'd need somthing like a 1.2GHz 5-8km FM Wireless Microwave transmitter and reciver (I've only seen these sold as components by chinese suppliers) to transfer video. This would also need to be separately powered. Probably easier to buy a video sender (video senders are ussually 5.8Ghz or 2.4ghz if you need a reciver) and replacing the mains lead with a battery pack. Using a bluetooth sender seems the best method but setting up the software correctly could be a problem (I always have problems with my computer reciving bluetooth audio transmission).
P.S most video senders will be sending signals your computer can't read without a sigal conversion box (unless you have a very interesting graphics card) however some are desined to stream video or pictures to a computer
ryan279687 years ago
 just  give the cam a 5V power and connect the data wires to FM transmiter then connect a radio tuned into that station to your computer via a home-made earphone jack to usb connector
hrath ryan279685 years ago
plz. reply the brief circuit of this concept .I want to design it......
sir, can i use an FM modulator instead?
How do you that??? Where can you get a FM transmitter,
Is there a Tutorial... Or scematic or something...?
 BTW I did NOT test this please don't blame me if it doesn't work
hey would u know where to get an FM transmitter cheap
digikey or anything??
alpe_976 years ago
i believe i once saw a wireless usb transmitter and receiver
Google it
hrath alpe_975 years ago
can u tell me where should i get the USB tranmitter reciever pair?Is there any indian shoping sites available?then plz. reply the link.
alpe_97 alpe_976 years ago
Oh sorry. I am not so sure But you should probably try ryan27968's way. ( I am not sure if it will work, but try it. I don't know.) Sorry, i misread your description. It might be impossible but i could be wrong.
ahelmy alpe_976 years ago
how to do it , can you tell me please