how to make your girlfriend initiate the kiss rather than u starting it.?

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This is excaclly my problem man. My suggestion would be to make her something really nice or even buy her something for a special occassion (Like Christmas) and read her feelings as she at leasts tries to say "Thank You".
Smile and slowly go through the steps to kissing her described all over instructables. My girlfriend is the same, she makes me do ALL the work! No, she lets me organise the dates. No, she lets me work out when we're going to kiss (And I still havn't done that yet!). The only thing you have to be sure about is that she likes you that much to go through this. Good Luck!
sound918 years ago
One of the many age old questions. It is something that comes with time. Not all girls will do it because they feel it is something that the boy should do.
yes you right
ToniRose8 years ago
Girl here (well, old lady, but I have pleasant memories). I recommend teasing. Look at her mouth like you're obsessed with kissing her, then look away and comment on the weather or something. When you're sitting or standing very close, like in line somewhere, move close and lean your head against hers; rotate around until you're forehead-to-forehead. Or the real killer, slowly move in close - like an inch away - as if to kiss, but then quietly say something flirtatious (even sexy, if you can get away with it). And just hang there for a moment before stepping back. Do all this with a light, natural attitude as if you have no idea you're driving her crazy (and trust me, you are). If she hasn't taken the bull by the, uh, horns by now, she may be getting peeved. If visibly so, ask her what's wrong (show real concern, not like "what's your problem?") If she says something like "are you ever gonna kiss me or not?", you have a golden opportunity to really communicate; do so lightly, smiling; something like, "what, is it always my job?" If none of this works, dump her and go find someone bolder. You'll be happier in the long run.
Make her so happy that she can't help it and does it on impulse.